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At Helpmill, we pride ourselves in driving successful business engagements for our clients. Our objective is to create client partnerships that generate  benefits well beyond the projects themselves. When we evaluate requirements, we do not simply size, scope, and price out projects. Instead we take a more holistic approach to define success criteria, set benchmark goals, assign roles and responsibilities and create an outreach programs to complement success.  We also manage expectations and work within budgets.

…here’s an example:

Typical customer has a preconceived idea for a website. It’s an elegant, slick-looking, flashy site with high quality graphics and language suitable for selling luxury yachts or cosmetic surgery. Then, almost as an afterthought, the customer begins talking about the functionality of the site. They need a complete scheduling, booking and e-commerce site that integrates everything, supports a user forum, social networking, customer service chatting, a calendar, a map and oh, by the way, their business depends on web based customers so they need to be ranked at the top of all search engines, including Google and their marketing budget is about $50 per month.

You don’t have to be a web expert to know that more than one expectation is out of alignment with reality. It’s not unusual for us to evaluate a job like this and politely decline the business.  It is also not unusual for the customer to come back, after a they have had problems elsewhere. Typically, they received a low price from a web designer, friend or family member but found their requirements were not met. There are usually issues related to performance, security, functionality, design, consistency and really poor search engine rankings. The biggest thing missing here is “True Marketing”.

Helpmill partners with clients because it’s necessary if you want to have online success. In most cases we can’t just develop a website and be done. It doesn’t quite work that way. Websites are your company’s online businesses. You can make the storefront pretty, but people want more than a pretty facade. Customers what to deal with businesses that are inviting, active, alive, human, useful, functioning, informative, interesting, engaging, helpful and reasonable. That means creating a website as an extension of your business. It needs to be maintained on a consistent basis or it will wither with neglect with your business inevitably experiencing a similar impact.

Contact us to discuss your own business requirements and learn about how we might partner to achieve your goals. The initial consultation is both free and valuable! Now, how is that possible?

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